Useful Documentation

Most of the documentation in this section was composed by legal collectives from Canada and the United States in collaboration with lawyers. Please feel free to copy, distribute and even modify any documentation on this site. Education is the best way to protect ourselves and that is the purpose of most of these texts: to educate ourselves. Also, these texts might come in handy if you decide to start a legal collective in your own region - which we strongly recommend and support.

Legal Workshop

Compiled by the Libertas Legal Collective, it gives a basic overview of what your rights are during a protest, court procedures, what solidarity entails in arrest situations and how to interact with police.

Observers workshop

General information on how to do legal observation during protests and its usefulness.

Legal Workshops

We regularly give legal workshops in which you can learn, among other things:

Specific information for these workshops will be posted on this page, so check for updates regularly.