GasCD The CD and web site were launched to raise awareness about the growing anti- globalization movement and to raise money to help those who are at the front line of the movement. Some of the initial money raised will be going to aid the legal defence of those arrested during the Quebec Summit of the Americas; while the GASCD Board will continue to look to assist other groups around the world as the project grows.

Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP) is an autonomous collective bringing together people who have been victims, witnesses and/or who are simply concerned about police brutality and other abuses perpetrated by the police. The collective began as a defence committee for those who were arrested after the 1995 demonstration against Human Life International, a far-right group. Faced with extensive repression, "social cleansing" and the ongoing, increasing impunity of the Montreal police, COBP decided to organize itself on a permanent basis to continue the fight against police brutality.

Guess What! We have rights?!?

This pamphlet is available online from the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP, see above). Guess What! We've got rights!? is a small pamphlet that explains, in an accessible way, what the citizens' rights when dealing with the police with regard to indentifying oneself, arrest, etc. and which gives advice on defending onself against abuses of police power. The reproduction of the information contained in Guess What! is strongly encouraged as is the disseminationn of the pamphlet.... It is available in French, English and Spanish.

It should be noted that municipal and provincial laws may differ from one province to another and that the Guess What! concerns the province of Quebec.

UQAM legal clinic is a learning place for law students. Students of the clinic receive, during a structured class, users who present problems of a legal nature to them. Those users are members of the UQAM community (teachers, students, ex-employees), associations working on the campus and not-for-profit organizations. With its new offices, the clinic now offers its information services to the whole population in the UQAM area. All services of the clinic are free.

McGill legal information clinic is a student run community service. Law student staff provide legal counselling and information within the limits of the Quebec Bar Act.

CISM 89,3 FM Libertas now has some airtime on CISM, the University of Montreal student radio, every friday morning between 9h00 and 10h00.

blah blah blah : (re)viewing Québec (Video Collective) 3.8 kilometres of fence, 50,000 peaceful protesters, 4,700 canisters of tear gas, and 6,000 cop crotches. Fourteen film and video artists respond to the Summit of the Americas (the FTAA) held in Qu├ębec City in April, 2001. All proceeds raised from screenings or sales of this compilation of video works are in support of the the Libertas Legal Collective.