Libertas is a non-profit, volunteer organized legal collective, which was formed prior to the Summit of the Americas protest in Québec City, April 2001. Our organization is comprised of law students and other volunteers who are working together with a team of lawyers.

Our initial goal was to help ensure that access to all the necessary legal information before the demonstrations was available to any and everybody, and that all those arrested had access to proper legal representation if required. Libertas believes that good legal representation is especially necessary when the arrests are made in politically subversive contexts, such as the protests in Québec City, because the State, in order to reduce dissent, will often impose harsh penalties on the accused.

Summer 2002 report (pdf): a good overview of the collective's history.

Please support our legal fund. Funds raised will go to ensure that the people accused during the Summit of the Americas get proper legal representation. If you want to help us in our fundraising efforts, you can print and distribute our funding letter.