What happened during the weeek of the 21st of october?

A new "trial season" began this week, the 21st of october. So few trials on the schedule, and some sentences of accused who were found guilty by Judge Pierre Verdon, last august 5th.
3 trials
First, Tian, Michael and Guillaume were supposed to have their trial this week. As the prosecutors were on strike at that time (and it seems like it's not done right now) they were all postponed. Tian, Michael and Guillaume came down there for nothing.
3 sentences
Then, three accused founded guilty (after a trial of exaggeration and lie) of unlawful assembly last summer received their sentence. All three of them, Guy, Sébastien and Pascal, were sentenced, ironically, to give 150$ to CAVAC, Help Center for Criminal Act Victims. Who knows, maybe this organization will one day give us a part of this money, as we have been victims of ciminal acts committed by the policemen during the Summit… The three "delinquents" (as it is what appears on the probation form) were also given a conditional discharge to 3 months of good behavior.

2 appeals
The appeal case of Dorion Locke and of Aaron Koleszar was brought to the appeal court. We'll get more details about it during the next few weeks.

General considerations
The other set date trials settled further dates for other trials. More news in the next bulletin…