Member Agreement & Pre-Assessment Survey


We cannot give you what we don't have. Decisions about how accounts and resources are allocated are made on the basis of political affinity and a realistic understanding of our capacity. To evaluate this compatibility, applications for use of services are reviewed after a pre-assesment survey is completed.

The Taktic Collective is volunteer run and we strive to do our best. You may reach us at collective[@]lists[.]taktic[.]org. Each organization using will select two Liaisons that will be resource persons for Users of within the group. Liaisons should also schedule a meeting with a member of the Taktic Collective to discuss the implementation of the pre-assesment survey. Taktic also requests that initially the Liaisons receive introductory system training and any other Users within the organization may also attend this training sessions.

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Group name
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We ask that all Users be respectful of other people and remember that each action may affect others who rely on these resources as well.

General Usage

User accounts or mailing lists that remain unused for three months after initial set-up, or which remain dormant for a period of six months at any other time will be removed. The Taktic Collective will attempt to make contact with list workers or account owners within a reasonable time frame before removal. Arrangements can be made to circumvent account removal in special circumstances.

Email Storage

Users are responsible for checking their emails regularly and storing any emails they wish to keep. On termination of their account for any reason, any emails (read or unread) kept on our servers may automatically be deleted. Do not use your account/email list to send unsolicited messages (spam).

Email Account Request
Email account name

Mailing lists

List workers are not to auto-subscribe individuals to lists without permission of the person being subscribed. The Taktic Collective will terminate lists where these practices are being engaged in. Lists hosted by are not to be used for commercial purposes, nor for mass-mailing surveys, spam or petitions.

Mailing List Request
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Users must keep their own back-up copies of any data and files. We do not keep back-up copies of your pages and will not be liable for any loss of your data or files.

Website Hosting Request
Subdomain name

If your website generates abnormally high hit levels or generates abnormally high levels of network traffic, we may at our discretion move it and/or restrict access to it. The Taktic Collective will work with Users in order to deal with situations like this where they arise.

Domain Names

Domain name hosting is not automatic with webspace. The Taktic Collective will host domain names for Users for a negotiated compensation. Users are responsible for the registration and upkeep of their own required domain names.

Domain Name Request
Domain name
Compensation (for domain names)


You may be asked to remove material posted on the server that is counter to the understanding of our shared political goals. Users wishing to post multi-media and streaming content are asked to contact the Taktic Collective before doing so in order to ensure that such content does not put an undue amount of pressure on bandwidth or hosting resources.


The Taktic Collective exercises discretion and security in their work as system administrators and as activists. The Collective asks that Users take security considerations seriously when accessing the facilities.

As part of using, User accounts may be created for you for which you will receive a password or passwords. You are responsible to change immediately your password once received and for maintaining the confidentiality of your accounts and passwords. Please notify the Taktic Collective immediately of any unauthorized use of your accounts, or any other breach of security at any time.

You must not use the facility to carry out Port scanning/probing. You must not use the facilities to run any program that can be used to compromise the efficiency and security of network traffic. This causes extra headaches for our administrators and brings unwanted attention to the project.

Data Protection and Privacy

The Taktic Collective is security-conscious when collecting and storing User data. We do not keep log files of users activity. We will NOT volontarily give User information to any other organisations, companies or government agencies for any purpose.

Mutual Aid accounts and services are provided on a mutual aid basis only. Users are expected to make annual contributions of either money or support in order to help defray the real costs of this project. Groups who can't afford a cash donation can apply to be fully subsidized.

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